When you are thinking of gulf oasis, we suggest you to try Dubai. Not only this country offers fabulous infrastructures and great tourist destinations, but it is one of the premium business startup destinations on earth too.

Many investors gather here to seek for opportunities and dream to set their corporate venture in this land. As a result, potential startups are frequently coming up in the scene. In addition with that Dubai conducts business expos and various other international business carnivals every year.

 The aim here is to promote this nation and its facilities in front of the potential investors all around the world and expand the business startup scopes. In summary, the startup opportunities are superb here, however, one need to obtain proper startup license in Dubai to begin commercial ventures.

So, what are the requirements to begin a startup company in this oasis, and finally how to get a startup license in Dubai? Stick with this piece of content till the end as you are going to get a bunch of useful information on startup license in Dubai.

Process to get a startup license in Dubai

When proceeding to begin a company or should we say a startup, you need to follow several steps. These steps are pretty straightforward and easy to follow. However, these steps are convenient to follow only if you are proceeding under the guidance of an expert business consultant. Here are the steps you need to follow to obtain a startup license in Dubai:

Decide the niche of the business

The mission to obtain a startup company license begins with initial business planning and sorting out the niche on which your business will be conducted. Make sure your business niche is available in Department of Economic Development (DED)’s list or else the business type will not get to get the required license.

Set company trade name

Next for the license drawing process is to reserve a company name. Every company in Dubai has unique names. So, your startup business needs one too. Once the designated form for company name is filled up and submitted, the rest guidelines are easy to follow. It must be noted that not all types of name is allowed when starting a company here. You must abide the naming convention of Dubai authority.

Apply for startup company license

This is the exact phase where you have to work for company license. In this step you need to apply for the business license. The application of business license depends upon business category in Dubai. You might need to appeal for industrial, commercial, professional etc. license based on the business startup you want to begin with in Dubai. However, in general, for a startup company, you need to have following documents to obtain your business license:

  1. Designated business registration application form
  2. Copy of national ID or passport of the director and shareholders of the company
  3. Passport size photos of the applicants
  4. Detail credentials of the owner and shareholder of the company

Get your visa ready

Wrapping up with the previous step gives you access to get your startup license in Dubai. But to do the business spontaneously in Dubai, you need to get your visa ready. Apply for proper visa so that you can carry out your business here. The process may get quite complicated if you don’t have proper consultation and assistance from experts. So we suggest you to consult a company incorporation agents or business consulting firms in Dubai.

Once your visa is ready, you will have the authority to recruit and even appeal for work visa for your company workers. You can apply for multiple visas and the number of visa you are allowed to apply depends entirely on the size of you startup business.

Obtaining the startup license in Dubai is not very complicate when you have proper guidance and assistance. This is where an experienced business Consultation Company comes up. Therefore, an experienced business advisor is always recommended when initiating a startups or business incorporation process in Dubai.

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