LLC, Business setup in Dubai, UAE in free zone area
LLC Dubai

Limited Liability (LLC) company is one good format of registering business with holding shares by the directors. To register LLC nonresident shareholder can hold maximum 51 percent of shares whereas local will hold 49 percent. The number of shareholders is limited between 2 to 50. Incase of commercial and industry setup companies are recommended to form LLC in mainland. LLC is much preferable method of incorporation business by nonresidents in UAE. Extra permission might require as related concern department of government. Get ready of following items:

  1. Proposed company name
  2. Business activities in detail along with plan
  3. Local agency appointment agreement
  4. Tenancy agreement with physical office
  5. Additional approval might require from economic department
  6. Article of association copy with all detail of the directors
  7. Open bank account and apply for residence visa/ work permit

Foreign directors can live in Dubai and hire staffs from overseas as need to run business. Residence visa holder can import family members to live as dependent. Duty free goods import, and export facilities and international banking facilities attract investors to choose Dubai as dream place to live and business.

Branch Office Opening

Foreign investors can open branch office of existing company as same name in trade free zone area where 100% ownership goes to foreign directors.

Professional Company Registration

Permission by Economic Department is needed to register accounting, law, consultancy services company formation in Dubai. No worry about shareholding as foreigners hold full percent of shares. To register same must appoint local agency who will execute services though government channel.

Company formation in trade free zone in Dubai

Choice any economic zone to open the company holding 100 percent of shares. Foreign entrepreneurs would love to register company in free zone to enjoy taxation and all facilities offered by government. Office space is available by different prices as own choice. Offshore companies are now permissible to do business in Dubai and apply for residence visa.

Cost of company formation in Dubai as foreigners

  1. Proposed company name approval: 700-800
  2. Local agency appointment: 450-4000
  3. Another license fee: 8K-30K
  4. Approval and submission of documents: 200-300

Total fees

  • Civil companies: AED 17000-20000
  • LLC: AED 22000-40,000

Visa cost as AED

  1. Entry: 600-1200
  2. Medical: 800-900
  3. ID: 370-400
  4. Visa stump: 900-1000
  5. Total expected cost: 2700-4500

Visa supporting papers

  1. Passport and photograph

Employee visa cost as currency AED and documents

  1. Quota application: 80-90
  2. Quota fee: 100-150
  3. Quota inspection fee: 400-600
  4. Offer letter: 80-90
  5. Work permit: 80-90
  6. Labor card: 1500-3500
  7. Entry permit: 1100-1200
  8. Medical: 850-900
  9. ID: 250-300
  10. Labor contract: 150-200
  11. Training and visa stump: 750-900

Supporting papers of employment visa application in Dubai

  1. Tenancy agreement
  2. Passport and photograph
  3. Academic certificate of highest degree

Why investment in Dubai?

Dubai such a wonderful country where most of the richest person purchased resort and house to live. Shopping mall, international school, banks, multi-cultural environment. Being many head office and branch offices of international companies made beauty of the city to live and start business. Once place is all, live here and do monitor global business and enjoy tax exempted of remittance.